My loves ones and inspiration!

Me and my sister Michelle (on left) and Shelley (on right)  They are Psychic s too!

My best friend Annette and I. I love her so much and really miss her.
  I don't know what I will ever do with her in my life.
 She doesn't know it yet but I will call her when she is ready. 

My youngest sister Shelley aka Mini Me!
She is so amazing  his psychic gifts are very close to mind and she scares me sometimes! 
This is my beautiful Mother Shirley Jean! She drive me crazy at times but I love her anyways!
Found a picture of me and my other sister Michelle and I she is a fabulous driver but is very short I call her Micro- Me. She is also a Indigo about to be released into the world as her last year as a high school student! I am so proud of her! I love you Michelle!