About Moi

Hi my name is Leilani Shree and I am born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. I am a born Psychic- Intuitive who live life with the Moral ways of Yoga and is also a Yoga Teacher and love to share the practice with any one who is open to the experience.

For as long as I can remember I have always been Intuitive. My Mother never understood the what I was and  how a child would come to know so much but wasn't very surprise since my first word as a baby was a full sentence/ statement. What I didn't understand was why everyone else didn't see the world as I did so at the age of 4 which was when I realized I was different from the other kids. Not only did my teachers think I had a imaginary friend but what they didn't know was my imaginary friend also taught me how to read and write and also was really head strong on manners and grammar. So once when my teachers understood my friend Nadine was really a spirit who called herself my Guide and was a Mother figure to me as well was when my childhood started to became interesting.

To make things easier my guide taught me how to blend in so I wasn't the odd one sitting out and so I could have a normal childhood as possible and not be so serious. I was my mother's only child for so long. At the age of 15 my mother gave birth to my sister Michelle, and when I was 16years old my other sister Shelley came along. My Mother had help with raising me and I ended up raising my two youngest sister's who are now 15 and 17 years of age. I never spoke to my sisters about my gift until one day a spirit walked into the room and we all turned around and acknowledge it, but that is a different story.

Living my life as a Psychic- Intuitive is just about my journey in of acceptance and growth of myself as a human being and the person who I want to be. I may not sit behind a crystal ball however I do still want one! But I do have a calling as a light worker (is what the spirits call me) and I will use my gifts to help make this world an better place.