Friday, January 25, 2013

The Plans for Me?

I love when ever I speak to my dear friend and mentor she always has to remind me that God has great plans for you! Also I am told "they have plans for you!" Who the hell is they? and what is this plan?"

Overwhelming is the feeling I get when I feel like I am not on the right track and being told I have work to do as a "chosen" doesn't help at all as well. I am swarmed with information and things that need to be done however the master question to is master plan is; How do I get there?

I am just a banking working in Corporate America and I know I don't belong there. I feel lie I should be teaching but teaching what I have not been attuned for yet?!?! Man I have issues.

I am a natural born healer, I have a gift called Laying on hands which I had to go through something they call Reiki meaning "Life Force" in Japanese in order to have a certificate so I can use my gift to help people. However finding out that when I do laying on hands I am also doing what they call psychic surgery. The people who I lay hands on always ask me what am I because that does feel like Reiki. I understand my energy is different and people can feel that too, however I don't like to stand out to much. I like to try to fit in as much as possible.

I have been having visions of snakes. A rattle snake to be exact. In my dreams I handle it without being bit  I feel like this snake is a part of me. My friend mention to me the another day I am going through another awaking called Kundalini and ask me have I been seeing snakes? I was shock and told her I thought I was going mad! The Plan". I am currently blind in one eye because in spiritual terms I am shedding skin and when a snake sheds skin it is temporarily blinded. What's next in line?

I am grateful and I love my life it's just once I get settled and comfortable I start going through another change. I have been thinking about using my gifts as a source of income and start doing what I was born to do however once again how do I begin? I also will like to open a Yoga Wellness Healing Center. Once again how do I began. So today I will research with my good eye to take that next step on my path.

Thank you for reading Namaste... 

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