Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Starting of the New Year and I'm learning !

I brought in the New Year in song in dance and in good cheer with someone who's intentions wasn't good and I take it as a blessing in disguise for what had happened next. A good friend who lives in the London always said "Shree every happens for a reason!" I am truly blessed and honored to have Beatrice Elder in my life. She said I give her too much credit looking. I have a eidetic memory and I can see the snap shot of the girl who I was back then and see the spiritual being who I have evolve into today! I couldn't have done it without her encouragement. 

I can feel it!!! I can feel the presence of my God surround me engulfing me and as I stand with arms wide open I welcome them with sweet warm embrace! Namaste My Father and Great Mother. 

It's hard to believe just a few days ago I was surround by feeling of pain of betrayal and the absence of my precious feline Diamond. For some reason I can't be sad. I have someone with me that bring and secured feeling that at the end everything will be okay. They have Big Plans for me!

I can understand that, these big plans I am starting to think, just what are they exactly? I really need to find my cat and someone to sew on my buttons! 

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