Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Just embrace!

When I decided to live my life openly along Norms as what I am. It has been a bit of a challenge. I know I will be coming into my full power soon, and with the new shift just happening. That was pretty freaky! One moment I'm sitting in my room next moment I'm in a dark space. Boy the Mayans was genius's as far as the world coming to an end, who came up to that idea?

Their is so much I want to do as who I am I have so much to offer to the world. The love of my life wants nothing more but to support me in everything I do. So when I tell him I want to spend time in Africa and heal people and give blessings. Now my focus for this year is to practice love with no holding back and not to allow anyone or anything to get in my way. With JD at my side I know I can with be invincible he is my heart and home is where the heart is, love conquers all, love is what heal and God is love. 

I am sitting here my body feels bad because I drank alcohol last night now I need to replenish. My vessel is not made like most norms as well. I eat food and not product if I do my body doesn't response well. If can feel the natural functions of my body of the fuel I put within it. I don't know what I am I just say I am me and I am what I always wanted to be. Loved unconditionally in 2013! 
Embrace who you are not what you are.


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