Friday, January 25, 2013

The Plans for Me?

I love when ever I speak to my dear friend and mentor she always has to remind me that God has great plans for you! Also I am told "they have plans for you!" Who the hell is they? and what is this plan?"

Overwhelming is the feeling I get when I feel like I am not on the right track and being told I have work to do as a "chosen" doesn't help at all as well. I am swarmed with information and things that need to be done however the master question to is master plan is; How do I get there?

I am just a banking working in Corporate America and I know I don't belong there. I feel lie I should be teaching but teaching what I have not been attuned for yet?!?! Man I have issues.

I am a natural born healer, I have a gift called Laying on hands which I had to go through something they call Reiki meaning "Life Force" in Japanese in order to have a certificate so I can use my gift to help people. However finding out that when I do laying on hands I am also doing what they call psychic surgery. The people who I lay hands on always ask me what am I because that does feel like Reiki. I understand my energy is different and people can feel that too, however I don't like to stand out to much. I like to try to fit in as much as possible.

I have been having visions of snakes. A rattle snake to be exact. In my dreams I handle it without being bit  I feel like this snake is a part of me. My friend mention to me the another day I am going through another awaking called Kundalini and ask me have I been seeing snakes? I was shock and told her I thought I was going mad! The Plan". I am currently blind in one eye because in spiritual terms I am shedding skin and when a snake sheds skin it is temporarily blinded. What's next in line?

I am grateful and I love my life it's just once I get settled and comfortable I start going through another change. I have been thinking about using my gifts as a source of income and start doing what I was born to do however once again how do I begin? I also will like to open a Yoga Wellness Healing Center. Once again how do I began. So today I will research with my good eye to take that next step on my path.

Thank you for reading Namaste... 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Starting of the New Year and I'm learning !

I brought in the New Year in song in dance and in good cheer with someone who's intentions wasn't good and I take it as a blessing in disguise for what had happened next. A good friend who lives in the London always said "Shree every happens for a reason!" I am truly blessed and honored to have Beatrice Elder in my life. She said I give her too much credit looking. I have a eidetic memory and I can see the snap shot of the girl who I was back then and see the spiritual being who I have evolve into today! I couldn't have done it without her encouragement. 

I can feel it!!! I can feel the presence of my God surround me engulfing me and as I stand with arms wide open I welcome them with sweet warm embrace! Namaste My Father and Great Mother. 

It's hard to believe just a few days ago I was surround by feeling of pain of betrayal and the absence of my precious feline Diamond. For some reason I can't be sad. I have someone with me that bring and secured feeling that at the end everything will be okay. They have Big Plans for me!

I can understand that, these big plans I am starting to think, just what are they exactly? I really need to find my cat and someone to sew on my buttons! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Just embrace!

When I decided to live my life openly along Norms as what I am. It has been a bit of a challenge. I know I will be coming into my full power soon, and with the new shift just happening. That was pretty freaky! One moment I'm sitting in my room next moment I'm in a dark space. Boy the Mayans was genius's as far as the world coming to an end, who came up to that idea?

Their is so much I want to do as who I am I have so much to offer to the world. The love of my life wants nothing more but to support me in everything I do. So when I tell him I want to spend time in Africa and heal people and give blessings. Now my focus for this year is to practice love with no holding back and not to allow anyone or anything to get in my way. With JD at my side I know I can with be invincible he is my heart and home is where the heart is, love conquers all, love is what heal and God is love. 

I am sitting here my body feels bad because I drank alcohol last night now I need to replenish. My vessel is not made like most norms as well. I eat food and not product if I do my body doesn't response well. If can feel the natural functions of my body of the fuel I put within it. I don't know what I am I just say I am me and I am what I always wanted to be. Loved unconditionally in 2013! 
Embrace who you are not what you are.