Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just a vision or something more

The other day I was siting at my desk at Corporate America I got the sensation to go home to go home where it all started. To now where there the suffering. I have an amazing gift called laying on hands. My hands heat up and my body will sometimes heat up as well when something or someones is ill or needs to be healed, however I took it as confirmation as to what I was getting from my vision I was having at my desk at work.

My vision was to go back to what they call The Mother Land, Africa! I must go back to heal and teach others the amazing practice to heal as well. I want to place healing centers around the world so other people can become attune and become teachers and teach others to heal. There is a protocol call that comes with this practice to make sure the person have the right intention I want to work with the people with the pure of hearts with no egos.

Was it just a vision? I sure hope it was something more, I want to make it happen.

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