Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Live Life by Listening to your Spirit

There are some things that are even out of my understanding and scare the hell out of me, and others that just break my heart. I live my life as the day come, I love with no doubt, and live to not exist. I know something is changing inside me. I can feel it shifting, and I can't even explain but I won't deny it however I will try to understand it. That is just how I am. I feel it isn't my place to pass judgement on another person no matter how old my families money is, or what social status my sister or family have at his or her church. 
If you belong to a religious background I say good for you. I believe religion is good for some people. I believe in God and have a beautiful relationship with my Heavenly Father my place of worship is where I see fit, wherever I kneel and pray. Trust me I did it a lot especially as being a Energy Healer. I pray before and after I lay my hands on someone. When I wake up before I go to bed, silent ones from friends and loved ones, again when I see accidents on the side of the roads, before I do my absentee healing at night and before I go to sleep at night for any who don't know how to pray for themselves.
All I pray for is the Strength and Courage to show others and to let me lead by example to inspire the lives I touch with my Heavenly Father's Loving energy. My Great-Grand Mother raised me as a Golden Child sometimes I think they made a mistake. Other times I have to keep my eyes forward and keep moving and remember God gave his children a gift, and that was the path they choose, and I will continue to keep walking mine with our without the people I loved for so long who I called my family and friends. My spirit was given a job before I was born into this existence.
My mentor helped me realize as well I'm not like other Psychic's. I am not here to make a believer out of anyone. I am here to relieve your pain and suffering. People will believe what they want to believe either if they was conditioned by a group setting, or if that is what they was taught. I was raised as I am to listen to my heart first that is how the great Divine speaks to me. The heart is the one place the devil can't get its hands on and can not be manipulated. So when I feel lost to listen to my heart and God will speak to me. 
I have never been lost I can honestly say because I have never stopped listening. I usually get in trouble when I make decision with my mind instead of following my intuition. God speaks to us all. Some of us just don't know how to listen. Will we ever get to that place again where are hearts(spirit) lead the way? 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I'm Developing into a Psychic-Medium

Okay so I started this blog with the intention to show people or the world, Psychic-Intuitive's aren't just people who sit in metaphysics shop sitting behind the table with Crystal Balls. I actually have a Amethyst Sphere Ball! lol

I am a born psychic- intuitive the only thing that means is I have extra senses that I wish I sometimes wish I didn't have. As I child I went through the spirit stage that adults call my imaginary friends, and when I will tell people things as a child they would never know how I would know. The spirits do talk! As a teenager I went through the Empathic stage it's when you can pick up someone else's emotions and feelings like it is your own and I was already a moody teen. In my early 20's I went through my Medical Intuitive stage which was awesome because it help me with nursing and when I was a vet tech. 

When I reach my late 20's my Empathic abilities came back to hunt me because I started to pick up the physical pain like it was my own. Yes Ouch! Now I am 32 years old suffering from headaches for the pass 8 months just finding out it's energy because spirit is trying to communicate with me. Yes I am developing or growing into a Psychic-Medium. Out of all the things that can happen I am developing into a Psychic-Medium.

When I first found out I did fall into a little depression, I'm not going to lie I don't want it. I was at my strove cooking dinner and when I turned around a woman was leaning against the entry way counter just watching me like she was bored. When she made eye contact she realize I can see her and straighten up a little. I blinked and then she was gone, but I can sense she was still there. Now here and there I am seeing people around my apartment popping in and out. I guess when my eyes try to make since of what it is seeing they disappear. So I am growing unto a Psychic- Medium or what actually I will eventually have every Psychic Gift in the book! Fun!! I'm keep you posted!