Sunday, April 22, 2012

Celebrate Everyday

Hello everybody and Happy Earth Day !!! I am supposed to say I am a born psychic - intuitive and I have a deep connection with the Earth however that is bull shit. I am not a born psychic - intuitive and I don't have a deep connection with the Earth. I'm an reincarnated spirit and an energy within the human body that is deeply connection to everyone and everything that posses energy that is living included the Earth which is an energy within itself. I'm just tired of the labels. 
I want to take the time out and remind everyone on Earth Day on our human birth place to let celebrate everyday to respect where we come from. Earth! 
I don't watch the news or read the news papers I'm too empathic if there the a disaster I am pulled out of my body and I am there in spirit to heal, and I see other in spirit form like myself confused but in impulse knows what to do. Sounds interesting? I have been getting pulled out of my shell started when I was 9 when a very mean person released nerve gas agent on innocent men, women, and children, which was sad and heart breaking because only the children could see us. 
It doesn't matter what color our skin is, or what language we speak, in on life time or another you was may have been that same skin tone or spoke that same language. At the end we are all Spirit and we are all born as Humans on the same place, Earth. So let  Celebrate Everyday the Union of Brother and Sisterhood of our birthplace Earth! 

Live life as intended!

We use to sing a song called " The one who holds our hand."  Meaning not to worry about tomorrow just live your life day by day as long as you walk your path the is laid out before you, God will walk it with you holding your hand. We are never alone and it's time we really start believing that. 
It time we stop playing victim and stop crying "Why me ?" and instead say Thank you! give thanks and show gratitude for being giving another shitty day and smile through it. Like my Grandma always say " You never know!" and she is right you never know what God has planed for you. God made the date when you took your first breath and God can make the date when the last breath will be taken away. So was it really worth it? Was that tit for that really worth it? 
We go on in our lives pointing finger playing the blame play and we never own up to our part because our shit don't sink. Turn the finger and ask yourself how did it get to this? Is the answer, because you lied to yourself and turned a blind eye and decided to live in denial then the situation you are in is just as much as your fault you chose to ignore there was a problem until it was to late to fix it. Now that glass is spilling over. 
The whole purpose of this post is to just say, stop the BS, Go live life and live in and be honest with yourself and you will find it can be easy to be honest with other people when you start with yourself. Even as a Psychic- Intuitive I don't see and know everything but I know to always follow and listen to my heart that's where Gods speaks to me and that on thing that will never deceive me . 
Thank you for reading